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How to make your hikes friendlier for kids

Acquainting your children with climbing is an incredible method to sustain their feeling of experience and invest energy outside as a family. Be that as it may, climbing with minimal ones stances one of a kind difficulties and keeping them intrigued on the trail may not generally be a simple assignment.

While making arrangements for your climb, it’s vital to pack everything your youngster may require (sensibly speaking), particularly in case you’re going a long way from home. Remember that you may finish up conveying their sack notwithstanding your own, so attempt to pack daintily. Imperative things to incorporate are sunscreen, creepy crawly repellent, a collapsible water bottle, additional garments and a medical aid unit. On the off chance that you plan on taking pictures, you might need to consider an expendable camera with the goal that costly devices aren’t presented to the components. Go over what you’re pressing with your tyke so they comprehend why things are imperative. The greater part of all, ensure you bring a lot of bites!

Choose your way heretofore and take your guide with you. While picking a trail, consider your tyke’s wellness level just as the rising and length of the climb. t’s vital to make sure to know about their capacities and recall that climbs with kids may should be shorter as well as slower. Contingent upon how old your youngster is, you may need to convey them amid parts of the outing.

Likewise, delineate your trail with picturesque checkpoints en route. This is an extraordinary method to design breaks and keep kids connected by helping them feel like they are achieving objectives. Having an end goal arranged with an exceptional amazement to compensate your children for a climb well done is something they can anticipate also. Perhaps it’s achieving a lake or a cascade where your family can swim and skip.

Climbing may not generally be pointless fooling around, however it doesn’t damage to design some for en route. Plan exercises for kids to do while on the trail at both break focuses and amid the climb itself. Amusements like scrounger chases and trail bingo are an incredible method to keep kids caution and mindful of their environment.

Set a few guidelines and set up certain limits. You might need to acquaint your youngsters with the “Leave No Trace” morals — seven rules that are intended to limit human effect on nature. They incorporate discarding waste appropriately, being obliging of different guests and regarding natural life. A few guardians like to force a “No Complaining Zone” rule too to keep a loose and positive air amid the length of the climb.

While web-based social networking may need to pause, logging the experience through photographs and a diary is an extraordinary method to keep involved on the trail. Kids will without a doubt have questions – once in a while beyond what you can reply. Record addresses you may not realize the response to so you can find it later and fulfill their interest.

Golf gear that every golf novice should have

When talking about essential golf gear, first thing that should definitely be mentioned is set of golf clubs. Golf clubs are what you actually use to play the game, so having good golf clubs is essential if you want to enjoy playing golf. Now, good golf clubs aren’t always the same as expensive golf clubs. In fact, i think that for beginners, spending too much at early stages of their golfing career can be hurtful. In my opinion, novice golfers shouldn’t make investments of thousands of dollars into golf gear until they’re sure that they like the game and want to keep playing it for years to come. Unless you have that kind of money just lying around and don’t care about wasting it, in which case, i guess it’s okay to spend lavishly on golf clubs, even if you’re unsure about prospects of playing golf.

Having good gloves is also very important. They are useful for multitude of reasons – for protecting your hands from damage caused by swinging golf clubs, to enhance your grip, and in case of rain gloves, to make sure that your hands and clubs won’t slip when you’re playing. Using golf gloves is especially useful when you’re left handed. All of these are very important goals to achieve when you’re on the golf course, so you can probably realize why you’ll absolutely to have pair of golf gloves in your bag, just in case. They don’t even cost that much – you can get solid pair for less than twenty dollars. So, considering the price and benefits that come with having good golf gloves, i think it’s clear that not having a pair would be a major mistake.

Another key element of every successful golfer’s gear is the footwear. Having golf shoes that you feel comfortable in can be a great relief if you’re used to walking on the golf course. Even if you prefer to drive, golf shoes will still benefit you, because they improve your stance and shoes with good traction will actually improve your swing. Some prefer to wear spiked golf shoes, but i personally like spikeless design more. They feel just like sneakers when i’m wearing them, and best of them are just as effective as spiked golf shoes, so i don’t see the reason to not wear them.

It’s probably not essential for beginners, but i also find rangefinders to be very useful gadgets for use on the course. They let you measure your results and allow you to see where you’ve failed or done well. I think feedback is important part of learning, so if beginners want to learn properly, they must utilize this tool. On the other hand, i also think that it’s important to not get hung up on getting the best results in terms of distance right away. It’s smarter to work on your swing and take golf lessons so that you can improve it. By taking golf lessons and experimenting on the course, you’ll inevitably get better and those astonishing results are going to come naturally.

I also think that having good golf bag is very important. Most golfers usually move around a lot on the golf course, so having good bag is critical if you want to avoid unnecessary pains. Those pains may be physical, like backaches, but also mental. Having every part of my golf gear neatly organized in conveniently designed golf bags really gives me peace of mind. If you decide to get golf club set, there is a good chance that it will come pre-packaged with decent bag, so you won’t have to spend upwards of two hundred dollars on buying it separately. These expensive bags are also much better, but still, i think spending more than hundred dollars on a bag is an overkill.

Mini Drivers – New kind of clubs

Mini drivers are rather new to the golf world and they have sparked a lot of interest among many golfers, myself included. They are mostly used by professional golfers, who have a lot of swing speed and need these customized drivers to achieve their best potential. Mini drivers, as the name probably suggests, are much smaller than drivers normally tend to be, but they are also longer than fairway woods. This helps them to get the best of both worlds – they are more forgiving than most fairway woods and also more accurate than most drivers. TaylorMade, as in seemingly every other aspect of golf equipment, is pioneer in making mini drivers as well. They first introduced hybrid irons in 2002 and revolutionized the world of golf, and now they are doing it again with mini drivers. I almost miss the good old days when golfers didn’t have as many options. Because, with many options, comes greater responsibility to do proper research on differences between these clubs and choose wisely, which takes a lot of work. Many pros use their mini drivers and win with them in their bags, too. Phil Mickelson, the golf legend himself, played entire tournament without using Callaway’s mini driver instead of traditional drivers. One reason for that might be mini drivers’ effectiveness in fixing slice(more about that here).With that in mind, we can be pretty sure that mini drivers are the future of golf. They may be used just by professionals now, but as market starts to grow and brands start to recognize their potential, i think mini drivers will get better and better, eventually displacing traditional drivers altogether.

As mentioned before, TaylorMade has been the most active in this field and their r&d department has made a lot of progress in the task of improving mini drivers. Other golf club manufacturers haven’t been as active thus far. Callaway, as mentioned before, has made some fairway woods that resemble mini drivers, but they have been pretty late to the party in terms of making mini drivers. Recognizing mini drivers’ potential and their appeal to the masses,they eventually did release one, called Big Bertha Mini.  I haven’t tried the aforementioned mini driver myself, but based on reviews i’ve read, it must be great. It’s cup face design is similar to the one they use with XR fairway woods. Overall, materials of this club are hand picked and ensure its forgiveness and efficiency. It’s loft angles are adjustable, which might be convenient for some people, but didn’t make much difference to me. When it was released back in 2015, it’s retail price was pretty high, 300$, but since then, it has dropped considerably, even more so in case of used drivers.

These last few years, TaylorMade SLDR S driver has been getting a lot of attention and i’ve been hearing good things about it, so i decided to try it out in action myself. It’s head, keeping in standards with other mini drivers, is bigger than 3 woods, but smaller than drivers at just 260cc. In today’s world of large clubhead drivers, 260cc might seem extremely small for a driver, and it is, but back in the day when driver heads weren’t as big as they are now, 260cc would have been considered normal. People usually underestimate the need for mini driver, thinking that their 3-wood and regular driver are just perfectly enough. Once they try this one out in action though, all doubts quickly evaporate and they want it in their bag. Accuracy of this club is much better, not to mention the distance. Ultimately, TaylorMade definitely deserves a lot of respect for creating entire new category of golf clubs that are this good. If you feel like you’re missing something with your current set of clubs, definitely give mini driver a try, it might just be what you’re looking for.

Different types of hybrid clubs – comparison

If you have been around golf courses for the past decade or so, you definitely have heard about hybrids and have at least general idea of what they are. If you don’t, you can probably guess from their name that they are mix of two usually separate concepts. Those concepts are fairway woods and long irons. Golf club manufacturer, in search of solution for the problems that golfers were having for a long time, created entirely new sort of golf clubs that were designed to have best features of both 3-woods as well as irons. Hybrids were supposed to be easier to hit than irons without sacrificing any performance, and they turned out to be just that. R&D teams, developing a hybrid golf club, took clubhead design inspiration from fairway woods, making club head of these new clubs larger and easier to hit with. This design is perfect for beginners and intermediate golfers alike. The latter can especially benefit from using these clubs, and you can learn more by reading this tutorial by GolfClubsGuru

One of the biggest advantages that hybrids have over other types of clubs is their versatility. They can be used in many different ways in various situations, so even if you don’t need the forgiveness and other game-improvement features that hybrids provide, they’re still worth having in your bag. That’s one of the reasons for why experts always carry hybrid with them, even on championships. They definitely have the skills necessary to hit long irons properly, but nonetheless, they need hybrids to shoot out of murky positions. Hybrids are great to use when you are in bad position like a rough or fairway bunk.  There are two major types of hybrids on the market right now.

Hybrid woods

As the name probably suggests, these sorts of clubs are usually used to replace woods of the similar loft. The most important feature that differentiates these clubs from regular fairway woods is the design of the head. Clubhead of hybrid woods is a mixture of irons and woods. Club face’s depth, in particular, is in between two extremes of irons and fairway woods. That mixture of best features is exactly what makes hybrid woods much easier to hit from rough spots. The denser club head design comes in handy when you have to get through grass when hitting golf ball from a rough. One disadvantage that comes with denser and smaller head is the difficulty of hitting it perfectly as compared to fairway woods which have larger sweet spots.

Hybrid irons

As you can probably guess, these hybrids are supposed to replace irons. They are the more popular from the two types of hybrids, because irons usually are the clubs that most beginners struggle with. Unlike the hybrid woods, hybrid irons usually have bigger head than normal irons and because of this, they are also easier to hit. This increased size also gives players more control and because of other reasons we’ve covered before, increases overall performance.

Playing Golf in Retirement – What’s it like?

Baby boomers, who make up the biggest part of people who golf, are slowly aging and reaching retirement age. That really changes a lot of things demographically. Average age age of golfer is rising every year. It’s interesting to see what consequences this change will have on the sport. Majority of the seniors choose to not play golf in the winters, so they have still time for other hobbies during the winter. The fact that golf isn’t physically demanding doesn’t hurt it’s popularity level among seniors, either. There are some seniors who want to be able to golf all-year long, so they head out to warmer locations, either in US or even Mexico. Some want youthfulness, so they stay away from retirement locations altogether. But most important of all these issues, is the issue of money. Retirement locations cost a lot on their own, and golf equipment isn’t known for affordable prices, either. So today i wanted to discuss economics of playing golf in your retirement.

 Not all states in US cost the same, of course. That’s why i’ll give example of few different states to give you better perspective of what it costs to retire and play golf there. States only qualify if they have large senior population and golf courses that are high both in numbers and quality. Otherwise, it would give us skewed statistics that wouldn’t help us understand anything.

 What many seniors find out after retirement is that, playing golf every day isn’t as much fun as playing it only on weekends. You quickly get bored not only of golf, but of the whole point of retirement. Turns out, something is only enjoyable when you do it as getaway from your day job. Once it becomes your main occupation, it quickly ceases to be entertaining. I know many people who retired and then when they felt this boredom, they went back to the real world. Especially those who have the means to retire early. Turns out, spending all your time doing nothing isn’t as appealing as it may seem when you’re super busy. To combat this boredom, some people choose to be semi-retired. They still attend to, or advise some of their past businesses, but they don’t control day to day operations. Opponents to this approach think that trying to do both at the same time will result in performing poorly at both. Let’s talk about specific locations now.

 I have a friend who is retired in North Carolina. He really likes it because weather isn’t as hot as Miami, where he used to live before. He’s also one of those people who doesn’t want to spend his retirement among seniors and prefers relatively regular environment. My friend also says the vibe in NC is much more relaxed and there are less distractions.  On top of that, he and his wife both like golf courses there. The only flaw they’ve noticed is that golf courses are kind of far away. It takes them one hour by car just to get to golf course of their choice.
  I did a little bit of research on North Carolina real estate prices for this article, and it turns out they’re pretty cheap. House prices are important because when you’re retired and senior, you want to have people over for visit. Especially if you have many grandchildren. Guest rooms are essential for housing them and you should also do your best to show them good time so they are encouraged to spend time with you. Another great thing NC has going for it is it’s somewhat central locations. It’s close to all major regions on east coast – only few hours drive, at most. There is also little to no traffic and there are all the facilities they need. That, along with big houses for affordable price, makes having guests a real breeze. Back to golf-related issues, though: My friend says, even when he only plays once or twice a week, his golf skills have only improved. That’s really fascinating because logically, more practice should equal better results. In reality though, there are probably some factors we don’t see so we fail to account for them.  One of those factors, i assume, is quality of your golf clubs. There are drivers, irons, hybrids, putters, and many other clubs, but in my experience, irons are the most important towards improving your results. If you are looking for quality irons as a senior golfer, this GolfClubsGuru Guide might be helpful.
 I know i’ve compared North Carolina to Florida favorably before, but both have their advantages. For example, land and houses in Florida are even cheaper, and if you’re into warm climate, there’s no place better for you in the USA. It’s not by accident that many seniors choose to live there. Florida has everything all states have, along with benefits of low taxes, warm climate and excellent golf courses.
  The best thing about Florida is it’s community. There are so many people who retire in Florida just to be closer to these great courses that it’s really easy to socialize if you enjoy golf as much as they do. There are some special communities centered around golf courses as well, which are completely free if you live there. I see many Ads for stuff like that when watching golf-related videos. There are many other activities as well,  namely : swimming, softball, gym and many other amenities for active people.

 I’m eyeing Florida golf communities to settle there myself. The best thing about them is convenience – everything – from dining facilities to grocery stores – are super close and accessible both by walking and by golf carts. That’s what really sells the idea of living in golf community for me.

For now, i’ll finish up because these two are the only states i have information about.

How to get children to enjoy playing golf

Young people don’t like to play golf, or go out and participate in any other sport for that matter. I think it’s kind of natural to want to stay at home and play videogames or watch endless supply of movies instead of going out and being active. The latter requires too much energy and time. In my opinion, that’s why golf is slowly dying. It simply not fit enough to compete with other forms of entertainment that are available today. I believe 21st century will go down in human history as the century of entertainment – because of the abundance of it.

 I believe it’s every responsible parents’ duty to at least try to get their kids interested in some type of sport. I’m not arguing that playing games or watching movies is evil, but it certainly shouldn’t be the only source of entertainment. When i see kids who are attached to their smartphones and tablets watching some stuff, i sometimes do worry about the future. Personally, i’m trying to engage my kids to play golf with me right now. I’ve had mixed successes, mostly due to the errors i’ve made. I’ve also learned from those mistakes and plan on to go forward with my promotion of golf.

 It may seem like it, but it’s not that hard to get kids interested in playing golf. The best and simplest way i found is buying golf clubs and apparel for them. I myself try to not be materialistic and teach them to see value in things other than material possessions. But still, with enough oversight over my actions, i think the goal of getting my kids excited about golf is worth the risk. By the way, good golf clubs for kids are pretty hard to find. This tutorial helped me understand all the ins and outs of buying best golf clubs for children. They love getting new stuff like golf clubs and stylish shoes, and easily get attached to them. By extension, they get attached to golf, and whenever i tell them that i’m going to play golf, they always want to come along. I take them sometimes, whenever i have time and energy.

 The hardest thing about getting children to play golf is their lack of patience. Not only them, but i think the whole world has become much less patient these days. They expect to learn golf in one day and when they realize that it’s impossible, they get exhausted easily. That’s more or less true for most people, and fortunately for me, my kids do have a bit of patience. But i think i deserve a little bit of credit as well – i make it easy to just play and enjoy golf. Some people make it about competition and criticize their children’s games around the clock, hoping that it will motivate them to get better. I don’t think that approach has ever worked or will ever work though.

If something is fun, children are less likely to get bored and want to give it up. Learning golf is definitely one of the things that can be fun, if done properly, of course. Game itself is definitely not easy to learn, but with the right attitude, you can teach it to your kids without getting them exhausted. By the right attitude, i mean attitude of the parent, not of the kids. By that, i mean being patient with your children when they make mistakes, which they inevitably will. Whenever they do, just let it go and encourage them to try again.

 If you don’t think you have what it takes to teach kids properly, you can hire golf tutors or sign them up for lessons. Those aren’t cheap, but they are certainly worth it. Tutors are people who specialize in being the best golf teacher they can be, so they will do much better job of teaching kids how to play golf than anyone else.

  Golf tutor should be someone with plentiful experience of playing golf. He or she should also be trained as a teacher at the same time.Trainer should be able to keep an open mind and be open to suggestions from kids. Golf teacher should also be patient and calm, as well as capable of controlling his emotions during stressful times.  I believe those are the basic expectations that all teachers should meet.

If you do choose the path of getting a golf tutor for your child, make sure to choose good one, because your choice will have significant results. A lot depends on having the right teacher. The right teacher will teach you many different things about golf and keep the process light and relaxing, while the wrong teacher might have good intentions, but have wrong methods of achieving her goals and ultimately lead you to burnout. That’s why it is so important to find golf tutor who not only understands golf, but also understands the psychology of a child and knows how to approach children to get them excited about something. If it takes longer to find good teacher, definitely take your time. Golf lessons will wait, but choosing the wrong teacher will have dire consequences. Happiness and fitness of your child is on stake.
  Overall, i think i’ve made my case that child’s development is extremely important. Parents must be careful and encouraging when they try to get children excited about golf or other hobbies. They must be careful because you don’t want to overdo it. Your child might not like golf and that’s fine, you can find other hobby for him or her. Your main objective should be to get them excited about outdoors hobbies while keeping things fun and interesting. It may not be golf. It may be soccer. Chances are, your children will discover what they like themselves, you just have to be there to support them in doing whatever they love.

Choosing golf clubs for beginners – tips and tricks

I’ve been playing golf for four years now. I usually play golf on weekends, but sometimes, if my work schedule allows, during weekdays as well. I’ve had a lot of experience with different golf clubs and other golf accessories, and i have a lot of people asking me for advice. Which is nice at first, but repeating the same advice thousand times can get a little bit boring. So i decided to compile all my advice, tips and tricks and put them in one accessible article, which is easily accessible and can be read by anyone looking for advice.

As a beginner, in my opinion, defining your budget is the smartest thing to do. Minimum budget can be as low as two or three hundred dollars, and for maximum, sky is the limit. But even if you can afford top notch clubs, it won’t make much difference in the starting phase of your game. You will be constantly defining and discovering new things about your golf game, and it’s just easier to do that with cheaper golf clubs. At least you won’t have to worry about losing them or having them stolen and you can upgrade your clubs anytime anyway.
With that being said, my favorite budget golf club sets have to be the Strata series from Callaway. These clubs have it all – craftsmanship and quality is decent enough to last you for years, brand is very famous and trusted, and it comes with handy accessories like cool bag or headcovers for the clubs. There are other options like club sets from Wilson and Adams, but if i had to recommend just one affordable starter golf club set to someone, it would be Strata set. They have clubs for different prices as well. The only difference is the number of clubs, which isn’t really that important in the beginning. The 12 piece club set will have every single club that you’ll need for at least few years.
If you don’t like prospect of paying few hundred dollars for a club of set that is decent enough, but not great, and want top notch club set right away, buying used golf clubs might be the solution you’re looking for. Used clubs usually cost half the price, and they are widely accessible to buy on eBay, craigslist, globalgolf and many other websites. There might also be local used golf club store near where you live, so it’s worth checking out. But i must warn that there are risks associated with used golf clubs. Just to name a few, the clubs might not be in very good shape or someone might try to sell you counterfeit club. I’d stick with GlobalGolf when ordering used clubs online – their service is unmatched.

How to prepare for golf as a beginner – tutorial based on my experience

Stereotype about golf is that it’s not very physically demanding sport. At first glance, golf might look like passive sport, but i think training and exercise have just as much importance in this game as in any other. It’s not about size of the muscles though. You have to train a lot and exercise your core and back to make your swing better. And that’s pretty much all golf is about – improving your golf swing. If you can manage to perfect your swing, your golf game will flourish and you’ll most likely have best results of all.

 But training alone isn’t enough, you also need to have best golf clubs possible  perfectly fitted for your body and especially arm length. It’s usually hard to generalize, but if you are looking for buying advice on how to pick women’s golf clubs, i think this website does fairly good job. Just visit your local golf retailer, and ask for someone knowledgeable to help you pick out best golf clubs for you. I can’t definitely say which clubs will work perfectly for you, because it depends on a lot of factors, including – your hand preference, your swing speed, material of the club, and many more. It’s just easier to have it picked out by professional. There is also option to have golf clubs customized for you, but that’s expensive procedure, and average golfers can rarely afford it. If you can, definitely go for it.

But if you are on tight budget, like i was, i would recommend checking out the Strata golf club bundles sold by Callaway on Amazon. You might find them on other offline and online stores as well, but in my experience, Amazon offers the best price on it. And the clubs themselves are perfect for beginners who want good clubs for very low price. I still don’t understand how Callaway sees profit in selling these affordable clubs, as they are so good for their price. And they come with stylish golf bag and headcovers too, which makes it perfect buy for anyone wanting to get started with golf.

 It is important to keep in mind that golf courses are pretty expensive as well. And there are many tips on how to save on those, but i can’t fit everything in this tutorial, so i’ll go over it briefly. Easy way to save good amount of money, is buying golf tee times on odd hours and days. You have to understand that everyone flocks to golf courses on weekends, so the price will obviously be higher due to the demand. But if you pick unpopular times like weekday afternoons to play, you can easily survive on very little money.

With that being said, i think golf is best enjoyed when played on weekends and cool evenings with your friends.