Golf it such a great game but the most unique reason why golf is on the of best games is that you can play golf for almost whole life. If your physical abilities are in good conditions, why not. Fresh air, comradeship and physical activity together is good for everyone. It is what you’d call spending quality time with your friends.
If you have started playing golf in early ages, you are lucky that you can quickly learn the fundamental skills and then continue improvement. But if you start playing golf now, In adult age, don’t worry, It isn’t that late to start learning basics. We have some helpful tips for you that can lead you to develop your game quicker.

One of the big challenges you may face while learning basics is comfortable environment on the golf course. If you aren’t sure in your abilities yet to play on busy course, we suggest to find a home course. To start playing golf on a home course is very good option to develop game easier. Learning basics in relaxed and calm environment a good advantage. You will feel more comfortable and have funnier game on the home course. Taking a golf lesson or two certainly can’t hurt either. Good golf instructor can teach you how to properly hold a golf club and hit the ball with it.
Also you will have good opportunity to meet new people and make golf friends on home course. Practice with friends is a great option to improve skills and hove more fun. Don’t feel offended by playing others who are better than you. Just use it as benefit to learn from them, this is good option. Golfer friends is very good for future to play with them. Sometimes it is the moment you want to play with someone but there is no one who you can invite for game. Golfer friends will never reject your invitation. Golfing is also great experience to share with your friends.
The next tip is about clubs. There are various set of clubs, some of them are for pros, they have different design, different loft and etc.  There are clubs specially designed for beginners. You should ask professionals to help you while choosing right club. I recommend to use second-hand clubs for start and after you learn basics you can upgrade your clubs. The other option is to buy a golf club set, like Callaway Strata Ultimate. I’ve played with this club and can attest that it is extremely good for its price.  Callaway Strata Ultimate Review written by qualified golf expert also praises the golf club set. There are few golf club sets on market right now that are great bargains for the price. One of them is Callaway Strata, I think Wilson also makes some golf club sets.

It is very recommended to hire professional for the first steps in golf. I always say that basics are the most important aspect of golf. If you are good in basic skills you can continue improving much easier and quicker. To get start on the right foot take a few lessons with pro. If you learn by yourself, you may develop bad habits that can slow your progress. There are many pros who have specially designed lessons for beginners, start with it is a good fundament to be the master of golf.

Home drills is very useful for beginner to improve skills. From home you can work whenever you want and you are free in everything. It is very comfortable to wear anything you want and create own environment there. Training frond of the mirror is good method to see how do you practice. Also you can record the video, to see from second person eye, what you need to change. Because sometimes it is impossible to see the bad things in your game, I mean pose, shooting and so on.

Next and final tip for beginners is to enjoy the game. Leave all stress and worries out of the course. You need to be relaxed while playing golf. Don’t be mad on mistakes, just lough and try to correct it for next shot. If you strike well celebrate it. Some beginners are in stress while learning. Stress is the big problem for golf. All you need is to enjoy the beautiful environment of course, fresh air and green field.