Golf is interesting, exciting and fascinating sport, you enjoy game while both – watching and playing. Gold player needs various skills, physical strength, mental strength. Of course, to have these skills, you need to train a lot, take courage and follow your plans. But everything will be much harder if you don’t get right equipment. Golf clubs play an important role as well. I can’t think about too many other sports in which so many different equipment is necessary to play game.

In this article, will give you few recommendations which can help you to boost your progress. As I said, first steps in the golf is crucial and often it determines your future career. Right equipment can give you a hitch to the success.

Beginner golf clubs generally have bigger clubs faces and a smaller shaft, they are specially designed to make shooting easier for beginners.

The philosophy is very simple. First goal is to make beginner to start loving this game. When you love it, and enjoy playing, you want more and more training, you are not lazy and doing your best to improve. If you use golf clubs which are easier to use and with them it is easier to put many balls in the hole, it’s more chance that you will soon start enjoying game.

Then you are choosing golf clubs to start playing, its important to buy them from professionals, from specialists, who know what you need. As I said first steps into the golf is crucial, don’t think so much about money, because it may be waste of money, if you will buy wrong equipment. Focus on the right equipment not on the money. This is our N1 recommendation.

You can use 14 clubs on the golf course, but while first steps you don’t need that many. Consider buying a half set of clubs. That will save your money and you will give small amount of clubs more time. So that can help you to make your progress faster, master that clubs and of course – your skills.

Driver is the longest golf clubs in the set, with the biggest club head. Driver is designed for hitting ball long distances from the tee.

A fairway wood might be a decent alternative to the driver in a starting pocket, but it’s not always a good option for a shot off the field. As a beginner it isn’t necessary to have fairway woods if you use high-lofted driver.

Irons are functional clubs that can help you to get the ball into the green. There are different numbered irons, with different lofts, but for beginners we recommend four number of irons: 6, 7, 8, 9. Why? Because higher number-iron you use, it is easier to loft ball in the air. So for beginners I always advice these number irons. High-lofted irons will help you to improve many aspects of game and then you can change irons and start playing with low-numbered irons.

A pitching wedge is generally used to get under the ball and loft it into air. Wedge is very useful when you want to hit the ball over water, trees and other “barriers” what can stop your ball. Wedge is used for shots between 15-60 yards.

Tall players don’t need regular golf clubs, but golf clubs for tall players. So if you’re a tall guy, follow the link to find out more.

Sand wedges are mainly designed to get out of bunkers of sand. It has very wide sole, which provides great bounce and avoid club digging in sand

Last club for today is putter. Putter is used for short distances and we use it for putting with low-speed strikes.

Generally, Golf clubs are not cheap, yeah, you can spend so much money in golf shops, but for beginners it is not needed to spend that much money. 200-300$ can be enough for the first steps in the golf. As I said above, full set of clubs is not necessary for beginners.

I recommend to speak specialists, read reviews. don’t buy golf clubs by yourself if you are beginner. Recommendations are very important for beginners to start entertaining and exciting journey in the golf. Start with half-set, and when you will see that you are already improved, upgrade your clubs.